A real hole in the wall

Portions of her original concrete retaining wall now lie in pieces as Darlington Raceway's repaving project began in earnest on July 18. The first phase of the project is the construction of a new infield access tunnel, large enough to accommodate transporters and motor homes, between Turns 3 and 4. On Wednesday, sections of the wall were removed and the first chunks of the racing surface were ripped up as Raceway president Chris Browning demonstrated his prowess with a backhoe. Pictured left to right are Chris Browning; Harold Brasington III, grandson of Harold Brasington, the developer who built Darlington Raceway in 1949; Jim Ramsey; and John Ramsey. The Ramseys are the grandsons of Sherman Ramsey, the original landowner of the property where the track now stands. After the tunnel is installed, the track surface will be milled in preparation for a new layer of asphalt which will see its first action on Mother's Day weekend 2008. Tentative completion date for the project is November 30.
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