ADA Information – Disabilities Assistance Carts

Disabilities Assistance Carts

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Darlington Raceway has instituted a fleet of golf carts to assist our guests with disabilities with transportation within the immediate Raceway property. Operated by our guest services volunteers, this fleet may be accessed by contacting one of our carts operating from:

PRE-Race* Dedicated Pick-Up Points At:

  • Gate 3 (Backstretch/Main Ticket Office)
  • Gate 6 (Security Office/Outside Turn 3)
  • Gate 10 (Outside Turn 4/Pearson Tower)
  • Gate 16 (Frontstretch Display Plaza/Souvenir Area)
  • Petty Blvd. (Main Parking Walkway)
  • Behind Brasington Tower Near Gate 31
  • ADA Parking Lot Outside Turn 3
  • ADA Overflow Lot Behind Hospitality Parking
  • Handicapped Parking Lot Adjacent To Tunnel

POST-Race* Dedicated Pick-Up Points At:

  • East End of Tyler Tower, Beneath Section A Sign
  • Ground Level Of The Tyler Tower At The Elevator
  • Ground Level Of The Pearson Tower Elevator
  • Bottom Of The Ramp In Brasington Grandstand

*Guests may experience a short wait during high volume times. Please arrive early and plan your daily activities accordingly.

For the safety of all guests, assistance golf carts may not operate until one hour after the conclusion of the race. We appreciate your patience and understanding.